Letting Go Of Past Connections

Life is a journey of sorts, and it takes many twists and turns. However, through those turns, you can come into contact with many different people.

Although humans are social by nature, there comes a point when you realize your energy and effort is not being reciprocated or a shift in the atmosphere that it is time to move on.

When your energy feels stuck or there is no progression, it can be beneficial to you, mind, body, and spirit to let go of specific connections that no longer serve you.

Letting go of connections that no longer serve you can improve mental wellbeing, decrease blood pressure and increase self-esteem.

So, how do you let go of past connections?

Block: You can block anyone from contacting you, phone number, or another medium of communication.

Delete, Delete, Delete: Social media is a whole different animal within itself, but if you are connected to someone that drains your energy rather than helps fuel your energy, you should delete, delete, delete that social media connection.

Limit Contact: Limiting contact is not the same as avoidance, which can lead to anxiety. Limiting contact is a choice to separate yourself from what can cause you distress.

Letting go of past connections can seem daunting at first which is understandable because it is a change. Although it can be scary at first, allowing past links can open the doors to better relationships along your life’s journey.

-Heather Em of Nourishment Corner

Author: Nourishment Institute/ Heather Em

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